Batch download of inspection report


Batch download of inspection report(WEB)

By using the inspection report batch download function, it is not necessary to download inspection reports one by one from each inspection report detail, and data can be easily downloaded.

※In order to use the inspection report batch download function, a contract of SILVER + plan or more is required

Open “Reports” on the left menu and click “Download List” in .

・Enter the group, inspection date, inspection type, etc., and click the “Search” button  to narrow down the inspection report you want to check.

When the list is displayed, check the check box of the line to be downloaded.(Click the check box in the title part you can switch the whole ON / OFF.)

When the data to be downloaded is confirmed, select the format type in and click the “Download” button in and wait until the download is completed

It may take several minutes for large data volume

Trouble shooting

Q. The name of the downloaded file is random and cannot be grasped. Please do something


A. We will fix the file naming rules for normal inspection report download and batch download, so please wait for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.