Camera mode


What is the Camera function?

Use this when you want to include images that are not directly linked to defect information, such as images of hanging tags, allowable photos, and progress memo images, in inspection reports.

For example, if the camera function is created with the inspection report settings described above (① inspection date: December 23, 2019, ② report tag number: # 01, ③ style number: STY-CAT-012), the image taken by the camera function regardless of the inspection type, all inspection reports with the same inspection date, the same report tag number, and the same style number are linked.

Delete image

Swipe from left to right on the screen to display the trash can icon.Tap the trash can icon to delete data from the camera image list

Trouble shooting

Q. When I go from the inspection report list to the image detail screen shot with the camera function, the “Publish” button is not found and I can not publish it.

A. There is no need to publish from the inspection details on the web screen. Regardless of publish or unpublish, the image is combined with the inspection report of the same conditions (the same inspection date, report tag number, style number).