What if contract period expired


Plan expired

When the plan expires, it automatically becomes a TRIAL plan.

In the TRIAL plan, you can participate in only one group, so if you are participating in multiple groups, you need to continue the existing plan or change from a participating group to a state where you have joined only one group.

To continue your existing plan or change your plan, please refer to the “Contract period continuation / Contract change” page.

If you want to continue with the plan or leave the group without changing it, tap “SELECT GROUPS TO EXIT”.

Select a group to leave

Tap “SELECT GROUPS TO EXIT” to display a list of currently participating group.

Swipe the group you want to leave from right to left and tap the EXIT icon.

It is possible to leave the group by checking the group contents and tapping the EXIT button at the bottom of the screen.

If there is no superuser, the group will be deleted.Please note that when a group is deleted, the following data will be discarded at the same time.

・ Style number information registered in the group

・ Inspection report and image data linked to style number information

・ Original defective item format registered in the group

Please note that if deleted, data cannot be restored.