Confirm/Publish inspection report


Inspection report list screen (WEB)

Inspection report is created automatically when you register inspection data on the mobile app, and it is possible to check it in the inspection report list.

・Open “Reports” on the left menu and click “Inspection List” in

・Enter the style number, group, inspection date, inspection type, etc., and click the “Search” button to narrow down the aggregate data you want to check.

・Click the style number displayed in of the inspection list to open the insoection details screen. To open the inspection details, it is recommended that you hold down the “Ctrl” key and click on the style number to open it in a new tab.

※1:The published inspection report is displayed with a green icon, and the unpublished inspection report with a grayed-out icon.

Check the Inspection report detail (WEB)

is displayed in the case of 100% inspection, Random inspection, AQL, and from the left, the total number of “number of inspection, number of A grade, number of B grade, number of Major and number of Minor” is displayed.

is displayed in the case of In-line inspection, and from the left, the total number of “number of loading, number of A grade, number ofB grade, number of defect point, number of Major defect point, number of Minor defect point” is displayed.

・Turn “ON” when publishing inspection report. The publish status will not be reflected until you perform “SAVE” in . Also, please note that if you publish the inspection report, it is not possible to return it to unpublish, and  to add data from the application or edit it on the WEB screen.

is a switch button for locking and unlocking the inspection report. Editing the inspection report automatically locks and blocks data from the app. When you have finished editing the inspection report, unlock it and make sure to return it to accept data from the app.

・Click and enter the style number to delete the inspection report. Please note that deleted inspection reports cannot be restored.

・Click to reflect the changed content.

・Clicking on tab allows you to switch browse mode / edit mode. When you switch to the edit mode, it will be automatically locked, and while locked, it will not accept inspection data from the app. After editing, click the “View” tab to unlock it.

You can narrow down the inspection report contents. By narrowing down by First inspection / Re-inspection, Major / Minor defect, and sewing line (only for In-line inspection), the data is reflected in , and it is possible to check the more detailed situation.

・Inspection report (EXCEL) can be downloaded from . “IDAS Format” downloads Excel data in landscape format, “Portrait” downloads it in portrait format. The language of defect item in the report is regardless of the language setting when inputting in the application, if the language setting of the WEB home screen is “English”, the defect item is in “English”, and if the language setting is “Japanese”, the defect item is in “Japanese”, will be downloaded.
※Written in multiple languages is in progress

  The file name to be downloaded is as follows.
“IDAS_Style No._Date(YYYYMMDD8digits)_Report Tag No.(2digits)_Inspection Type No.(1digit)_Vertical and horizontal format discriminator(1digit)_styleId(10digits).xlsx”

Inspection report image (WEB)

If you register images for defective data when you enter inspection data, the registered image list is displayed in the center of the inspection report detail screen. Please note that if more than 10 images are registered, the inspection report will not be published.

・Click the thumbnail image of to see the large image. In the case of In-line inspection, data on which surface is linked to which location is also displayed. (Modifying the program)

displays defective items and comments. Defective items cannot be changed, but comments can be edited. After editing, click to save the changes.

・Click to delete the image. Please note that deleted images cannot be restored.

Trouble shooting

Q. Unable to publish inline inspection report. It displays error “Inspections can not be published due to invalid loading quantity, Correct the loading quantity before publish.

A. Make sure that the number of loadings on each line is entered correctly. The number of loadings is an important value needed to calculate the defect rate.

Q. Unable to publish inspection report.

A. If more than 10 “Inspection Report Images” are registered in the middle of the inspection report details screen, the inspection report cannot be published. Sorry to trouble you, but please delete the image so that it becomes 10 or less, and then perform the publication procedure again.

Q. How do I unpublish an inspection report?

A. Once an inspection report is published, it cannot be unpublished or deleted. Before publishing the inspection report, carefully check that there is no mistake and perform the publishing work.