New user account registration


New user account registration

Member registration is required to use ITOHEN-IDAS.

  1. Tap “New User?” at the top right of the LOGIN button.
  1. Enter User ID
    ※Used for login and user search (cannot be changed after registration)
    ※Specify from 6 to 32 characters using half-width alphanumeric characters and “-” “.” “_”
  2. Enter Name
    ※Specify a character string within 50 characters that is easily recognized by other users
  3. Enter E-mail
    ※Please note that if you make a mistake, you will not receive the authentication code
    ※If you want to change your E-mail, please change from the WEB screen
  4. Agree to the terms and check the checkbox
  5. When you tap the “Get Code” button, the code will be sent to the email address entered in step 3. Use the authentication code in the next step
  1. Enter the authentication code sent to the e-mail address you entered in the previous step 3 and tap the “Verify” button to perform authentication.
  1. Enter any password with at least 8 characters and tap the “Submit” button to complete the membership registration.
    ※Password must be a mix of at least one numeric and at least one special character

Trouble shooting

Q. On the authentication code input screen, before entering the code, I returned to the previous page and could not enter the authentication code.I tried to register again, but I couldn’t proceed because displayed an error that User ID and Email were already used.

A. The temporary registration status has been completed at the stage where the authentication code screen has been reached. Go to the “Forgot Password?” link at the top left of the LOGIN button on the login screen, enter your registered email address, and get an OTP email for resetting password.Enter the OTP according to the instructions on the screen, and then set a password to log in.

Q. I do not receive the authentication code email.

A. The entered email address may be incorrect. Proceed from the “Forgot Password?” link at the top left of the LOGIN button on the login screen, if “User not found” is displayed when you enter the registered email address and press the “Submit”, the registered e-mail address may be incorrect.

If the OTP mail does not arrive even though the message “Mail has been sent” is displayed, check if it is in the spam folder. If it is not in the spam folder, please contact the administrator.